Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Hydrogen-powered e-bike cranked as much as 93 mile vary

E-bikes will eat automobiles, and H2-bikes will eat Toyotas.

My consideration was piqued by a put up in New Atlas describing the Alter Bike, it had my title written throughout it. Alas, that was an earlier model with a shorter vary; it is now known as the Alpha bike. It is an e-bike powered by a hydrogen gasoline cell somewhat than a battery, could be refilled in two minutes and has a variety of 150 km (93 miles).

Alpha bike in use© Pragma IndustriesOther than the unlucky title change, it is an fascinating idea. It’s constructed to EU pedelec requirements so folks in North America will complain about its 250 watt (852 BTU/hr) motor and its prime velocity of 25km/hr (15.53 MPH), however the vary!

Gasoline cell firm Pragma does not see this as a shopper bike, however somewhat for industrial use, bike shares and vacationer leases the place the lengthy vary and fast recharge is an actual profit. “Captive fleet operators, your battery administration nightmares are over! αlpha affords an entire electrical resolution whereas eliminating batteries logistics which could be extremely time-consuming and dear.” The bikes would get stuffed on the H2 Spring filling stations, which produce hydrogen from water via electrolysis, then compress and retailer it. Every station can refill 35 bikes per day. New Atlas quotes the CEO:

“Alpha gasoline cell bikes supply vital benefits over electrical battery bikes by way of each vary and refuelling,” says Pragma CEO Pierre Forte. “Whereas batteries usually take a number of hours to recharge, hydrogen cylinders could be refilled in below two minutes. For fleet purposes, that is invaluable.”

Pragma Fuel cell© Pragma Industries

The alpha bike has a four,350 PSI carbon fiber tank which holds 2 liters of fuel, then feeds H2 to the 150 watt Proton Change Membrane Gasoline Cell, which then expenses the 150 watt/hour lithium ion batteries, which then drive the motor. The bridging battery might be essential to get the height hundreds wanted for the motor.

All of which begs the query of why one would undergo the difficulty of utilizing electrical energy to make hydrogen, solely to show it again into electrical energy to cost a battery to run the e-bike. Or why one would choose a gasoline that wants an costly filling station that may solely deal with 35 bikes a day, when you may cost a battery powered bike anyplace. Or if you happen to had been a captive fleet operator, why you would not simply swap out batteries to get the vary and the quick turnover.

Pragma Alpha© Pragma Industries

However it’s a nice demonstration of Pragma Industries’ gasoline cells, and and likewise of the wonderful effectivity of the bicycle, the place solely two liters of fuel can push the factor 150 kilometers.

I maintain saying that e-bikes will eat automobiles, and maybe H2-bikes will eat Toyotas, as a result of no matter they’re powered by, e-bikes transfer a lot with so little.

E-bikes will eat automobiles, and H2 bikes will eat Toyotas.

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